Hafer Case is a leading case designer and manufacturer in Texas with national sales • Custom built cases for all transport, shipping and mobile applications
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Cases for all Applications
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Hafer Cases are Rugged and Durable • Get started now by calling to place your order! • Phone: 281-341-5070 • 800-990-8860 • E-mail: bhafer@hafercase.com
Hafer Case Customs - Tough Cases Built Just the Way You Need Them

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one or two

Hafer will design and build the custom case of your dreams.
You can buy 1 or 100!

A self-contained portable
beverage and snack bar.

Great for trade shows,  exhibitors, mobile catering,  event rentals and more.

Hafer Case Builds
ATA Spec 300 Cases

Hafer Case Products carry
Limited Lifetime Warranties

We can re-configure existing cases for new purposes.
Expedited Case Repairs for Limited Downtime!
Hafer Case Hardware Styles

Hafer custom cases are finished with quality hardware components. This page shows hardware items used in manufacturing. Hardware selected for a particular case is chosen on the basis of case size and duty purpose as well as other factors.

Corner Angle
Our corner angle is T6 Heavy-duty aluminum, riveted every three inches on both sides and is custom punched for each case, preventing un-riveted holes protruding from under corners.

Case Corner Protection
A variety of styles & sizes of steel corners are available. Ball, Flat, Ball Stacking, Flat Stacking, and other various styles for special applications
case corner component #1 case corner component #2 case corner component #3 case corner component #4 case corner component #5 case corner component #6
Large Ball Large Flat Large Stacking Ball Small Flat Stacking Female Small Flat Stacking Male Corner Clamp **

A variety of styles & sizes are available. Recessed, surface mount, valance spanning, slam latch, padlocking, key lockable, combination, draw-latch, etc.
latch #1 latch #1 latch #1 latch #1 latch #1
Large Recessed Latch Large Recessed
Padlock Latch
Keyed Slam Latch Slam Latch Large Recessed
Valance Latch
latch #1 latch #2 latch #3 latch #41 latch #5
Small Recessed Latch Large Recessed Valance Latch Keyed Small Recessed
Padlock Latch
Small Recessed Latch Combination Lock Latch

Large and small recessed, surface mount, plastic, and telescoping type handles.
handle #1 handle #2 handle #3 handle #4 handle #5
Large Recessed Small Recessed Telescoping Surface Mount Plastic

Several caster options are available. Weight load and case type determine which size and type of caster is best suited.
caster #1 caster #2 caster #3 caster #3 caster #4 caster #5 caster #6
3.5" Caster w/ Brake 3.5" Caster 4.5" Caster w/ Brake 4.5" Caster 3.5" Recessed Polyolesin 3.5" Recessed 3.5" Polyurethane

Continuous hinges (piano type), are the most commonly used in Hafer manufacturing. There are many other hinge types for special applications.
piano hinge

Miscellaneous Components
caster dish Plates for stacking Vent plate rubber case feet Plastic case feet
 Castor Stacking Dish Stacking Plates Single Vent Rubber Feet Plastic Feet
vent shipping plate Triple Vent Plate
Triple Vent Shipping Plate 3 Hole Vent

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