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Hafer Cases are Rugged and Durable • Get started now by calling to place your order! • Phone: 281-341-5070 • 800-990-8860 • E-mail: bhafer@hafercase.com
Hafer Case Customs - Tough Cases Built Just the Way You Need Them

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one or two

Hafer will design and build the custom case of your dreams.
You can buy 1 or 100!

A self-contained portable
beverage and snack bar.

Great for trade shows,  exhibitors, mobile catering,  event rentals and more.

Hafer Case Builds
ATA Spec 300 Cases

Hafer Case Products carry
Limited Lifetime Warranties

We can re-configure existing cases for new purposes.
Expedited Case Repairs for Limited Downtime!
Custom Case Walls - Choices of Materials, Thicknesses and Colors

Hafer Case designers and makers have many case wall options from which to draw. Wall panel thickness and composition are chosen based on the purpose of the case, how it will be transported and the weight and sensitivity of the cargo the case will contain. A variety of wall materials are available including laminated plywood, Coroplast, Pozi-Lite, carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum and any other types your specifications may require. 

Hafer offers a virtual rainbow of possible colors for case walls (see chart below). You can express yourself or color code for contents, or perhaps match your business or team's logo.

ABS colors sample board
ABS Laminated plywood: 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" - all colors

Lightweight Coroplast: 1/4" only - all colors Lightweight

Pozi-Lite: 1/2" only - all colors

Thickness, gauge and color possibilities for special materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc. are specified on a case by case basis.

Hafer Case Customs - Colors

ABS Exterior Options        
Black Red   Yellow Green Silver White Dark Blue
case color 1 case color 2 case color 3 case color 4 case color 5 case color 6 case color 7
Purple Lt Blue Olive Orange Gray Wine Brown
case color 8 case color 9 case color 10 case color 11 case color 12 case color 13 case color 14
Fiberglass Exterior Options        
Black Red Orange Silver White   Dark Blue Gray
case color 15 case color 16 case color 17 case color 18 case color 19 case color 20 case color 21

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